Chic Geek Event Descriptions

Mentorship Program brings together quality education, inclusive networks and supportive relationships to empower women and increase their chances of success. The Mentorship program launches in October and ends in June.Learn more…


MeetnGeek is your first step into the Chic Geek community. Hear a beginner-friendly technical talk, meet the community and connect with other like-minded geeks. Expand your technical horizons at this safe, supportive event that runs every other month.


TechStep is a hands-on, beginner-friendly workshop that covers practical topics at the intersection between technology and entrepreneurship. Bring your laptop and get ready to learn! TechStep runs every other month and alternates with MeetnGeek.


Geeky Summit is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate women who are advancing technology and entrepreneurship, inspire local women to take action and provide continued hands-on learning opportunities. Stay tuned for more details!

Feb 17 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
TechStep | Web & Digital Analytics @ District Ventures | Calgary | Alberta | Canada
TechTechStep is a beginner-friendly hands-on workshop that explores practical topics at the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship. We cover technical subjects that small business owners, freelancers, designers and new developers need to know! Bring your[...]
Mar 30 @ 6:00 am – 8:30 am
MeetnGeek | eCommerce @ WIne-Ohs | Calgary | Alberta | Canada
MeetnGeek is an opportunity for you to meet the Chic Geek community, connect with other like-minded women and expand your technical horizons! From 6:30 – 7:00 PM (ish) you’ll dive into a beginner-level technical talk[...]